Tuesday, August 14, 2007


NOI group began in 1989 and went international after the publication of David Butler’s book “Mobilisation of the Nervous System” and the establishment of teaching faculties in the US, Canada, German speaking Europe, United Kingdom, Italy and Australia.

Essentially the entire nervous system is a continuous structure and it moves and slides in the body as we move and the movement is related to critical physiological processes such as blood flow to neurones. This movement is quite dramatic and it is not hard to imagine that fluid such as blood in the nerve bed, a constricting scar, inflammation around the nerve or a nerve having to contend with arthritic changes or proximity to an unstable joint could have damaging effects, some of which could lead to pain.

There are numerous seminars worldwide on neurodynamics and NOI produce the resources The Sensitive Nervous System and NOI DVD and handbook.